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Donel & Patricia Gaddie
Marriage Picture-Bible Baptist Church-Wichita

The Alley House at 8004 Irving Road-Wichita Kansas
Dean & Faye Alley built their 1st House

Mike & Pat Alley
Pat with brother Mike in Fayetteville Arkansas

Donel Gaddie SR
My wonderful husband Don

I am married and have 2 children.

I grew up on a farm in Kansas.
I rode horses, drove tractors,
planted gardens, and harvested wheat.
I liked walking down the country roads.
I enjoyed our vacations to the mountains of Colorado,
and the rolling green hills of Ireland.
I love my family and friends dearly.
I was born in Wichita Kansas at
St. Francis Hospital .
The first 4 years of my life I lived at
Woodchuck Lane and Irving in a house
that my Father & Mother built just
north-east of Wichita Mid-Continent
Airport. The house is no longer there.
From age 4-6 we lived on a wheat farm
5 miles north-east of Goddard Kansas
where I went hunting with my Father,
Dean Audrey Alley & my Grand-Father,
Samuel David Alley, watched my first
Tornado form to the north-west of the
house, chased birds, and played hard.
From age 6-9 we lived in Topeka where
my father taught school for a time
working for Bell Telephone Co.
Then we moved to Pratt Kansas where
dad was Wire Chief. Then we moved
back to Wichita, and then to a farm
south-east of Mulvane still age 9.
We got out of Topeka right before
the big tornado of 1964.
I graduated from Mulvane Sr. High
in May of 1973.I went on to attend
Wichita State University,
University of Arkansas
and Emporia State University.
I graduated from the K-Place
program at Emporia State in 1999.
Our family visited Ireland in June of 1999. We had a wonderful time.
I married Don Gaddie.
We have two children, Katie & Donnie.
I love life and I have many dreams yet to fullfill.

Patricia Faye Alley
Senior High School Picture 1973

I am a retired Librarian and current Family Genealogist. I'm the editor for the Alley Ancestors. I enjoy traveling, flying, tennis, painting, and spending lots of time with my family.

My family and I enjoy going out and spotting tornadoes in our community.
I'm a member of the C.E.R.T. program for our county.

Patricia , Donnie & Katie
Picture of Patricia and her children

Movies & Music

Here I'm including a list of some of my favorite movies:

Parent Trap, LadyHawk, Twister, Hellfighters,
Pretty Woman, Good Morning Vietnam, Outbreak,
McLintock, Big Jake, Tombstone, Top Gun,
Dirty Dancing, Dantes Peak,Rob Roy,
Last of the Mohicans, Calamity Jane.

Here is a list of some of my favorite music:

Marley's Ghost, John Denver, Genesis, Chicago, Three Dog Night, Michael McDonald, Michael Hedges, Jimmy Hendricks,
Diana Ross...

Kansas Libraries: The Anniversary Class Graduates from KPLACE

Adelle Kathleen Gaddie
Our little Katie

Updated May 20, 2006

Donel Gaddie JR
Our little Donnie Doug JR