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Proving St. John Lineage

One way to prove you're family tree is to have a genetical test done on your ancestors Mitochondrial DNA. This would be accomplished by a Geneticist.
To prove lineage of the St. John's family relation to the Buckeley's you would need the Mitochondrial DNA extracted from the remains of Sarah Buckeley St.John, Elizabeth St. John Whitting, and Matthias St. John. The mitochondrial DNA is passed down from the mothers DNA. The Mitochondrial DNA will be in a son but can not be passed on the future generations.

Please see references to Mitochondrial DNA:
X. Proper Names in America 1. Surnames
H.L. Mencken (1880-1956). The American Language. 1921.
" To match such American prodigies as Darby for Enroughty, the English themselves have Hools for Howells, Sillinger for St. Leger, Sinjin for St. John, Weems for Wemyss, Luson-Gore for Leveson-Gower, Stubbs for St. Aubyn, Vane for Veheyne, Kerduggen for Cadogen, Moboro or Mobrer for Marlborough, Key for Caius, March-banks for Marjoribanks, Beecham for Beauchamp, Chumley for Cholmondeley, Trosley for Trotterscliffe, and Darby for Derby. 39"

My research at Wichita Public Library/ Wichita, KS on July 21, 2001 from my spiral notebook notes in order as I transcribed from the following documents: From the book: "The Knights of England" by Wm. A. Shaw, Litt, D. / c.1971, vol II / LC 74-129966 / ISBN 0 8063 0443 X
Books I & II

St. John - Knights, index pg. 199
Alexander, Kt. 1608, II. 146 ( 1608, Aug 5), 4th son of Oliver, lord St. John (ibid).
Anthony, Kt. 1608, II, 146 (1608, Aug. 5) ( July 10), 3rd son of Oliver, lord St. John ( at Bletsoe, the seat of said lord St.John)
Beauchamp, Kt. 1619, II, 173 (1619, July 24 (22) ), brother of the said St. John (ibid).
Frederick R., K.C.M.G. 1901, I. 391
Henry, Kt. 1760, II, 290
Henry, Kt. 1619, II, 173 (1619, July 24 (22) ), brother of lord St. John (at Bletsoe, the seat of lord St. John)
John, K.B. (1489), I, 143 - Nov. 29, 1489
John, Kt. June 17, 1496, II, 29
John, Lord see Pawlet
John St. John of Lidiard Tregoos, Wilts, (at Whitehall)
Oliver, Kt. 1599-1600, Feb. 28 (in Christchurch by Charles, lord mountjoy, lord deputy of Ireland), pg. 98,
Vol. II
Oliver, Earl of Bolingbroke, K.B. 1610, I, 158
Oliver, lord St. John, K.B. 1629, I, 161
Oliver, B.C.(Oliver Beauchamp Coventry St. John, Royal) (late Bengal) engineers, late resident of Kandahar)
K.C.S.I. 1882, I, 322 ( May 23, 1882, Lieut. Col. )
Pawlet, K.B. 1626, Feb. 1 I, 161 (Knights of Bath-pg.158) -son of Oliver, earl of Bolingbroke
Robert W., K.H. 1833, I. 469
Rowland, K.B. 1616, I, 160, brother to Oliver, lord St. John
Spenser B., K.C.M.G. 1881, I, 363; G.C.M.G. 1894, I, 343
William, Kt. 1607, II, 144, (at Dublin Castle by Sir Arthur Chichester, lord deputy of Ireland)

Alley - Knights - cont. pg. 6
Alley, George Kt. 1810, II, 310
Audley, Kt. 1660, II, 230

Marvin/Mervyn - Knights - cont. pg. 155
(Martin) James, Kts. Bachelors 1574, II, 76 of Wilts
John, Kt. 1574, II, 76
John, Kt. 1547, II, 62 pg. 152
Edmund, Kts. Bachelors 1543, II, 53
Henry, Kts. Bachelors 1619, II, 171
Thomas, Kts Bachelors. 1603 July 23, II, 126
Gregory - Knights - cont. pg. 99
Augustus C., K.C.M.G. 1903, I, 394
Charles H., K.C.M.G. 1883, I, 365
William, Kt. 1679, II, 253
William H., K.C.M.G. 1875, I, 38

Benedict - Knights - cont. pg. 18
Julius, Kt. 1871, II, 363

Boughton - Knights - cont. pg. 26
Edward, Kt. 1527,II, 46 of Woolwich in Kent. II, 143
Edward, Kts. Bachelors 1574, of Wilts, pg. 76, vol. II

Jarvis - knights - cont. pg. 143
Thomas, Kt. 1607, Aug 20 (23) of co Hants, (Surrey) (ibid)

Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists, David Faris, 1996
2nd Edition, 2000 Also info on book above at this webpage address:

St. John's are listed on pages 17, 23, 72, 83, 254, 278, 250
Batt, Anne (Baynton) Baynton, Anne (see Batt)

pg. 545 "Ancient Windsor Connecticutt" lists Matthias St. John's residence at N-No of Rods 24. Matthias St. John, E 3 m.; bd. N.
by Joshua Carter; John Stiles Vol. 4, pg. 775

Samuel Whiting (1597-1679) son of John Mayor of Boston, Lincolnshire Eng. from Eng. to Boston Mass, 1636 settled Lynn, Mass. where he was freeman, 1636 clergyman; m.2d Elizabeth S. John
c 1925 Abridged The compendium of American Genealogy 1st families of America 1-4
Vol. 4
St. John:
Daniel, 265
James, 265
Mark, 679
Matthias, 265-679-766
Seth Barstow, 681
Silas 681
Matthias, vol 2, pg. 152; vol 3, pgs. 403-434-352-539-681; vol 4, pgs. 265-679,766 &
Whiting name mentioned on pg. 775