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Family Tree


Sir John Alley
Mayor William Alley
Bishop William Alley & Sybil Bodleigh
Archdeacon Roger Alley
Jerome Alley
Francis Alley & Wealthian Snelling Furse
Thomas Alley & Martha Rutter
Thomas Alley & Mary Seward Jennings
Thomas Alley & Francis Reavis
Thomas Alley & Jane Ealey
Thomas Alley & Susannah Howerton
James Alley & Susannah Kelsey
David Leon Alley & Ebaline Altizer
Daniel Albert Alley & Harriett Iantha Patton
Samuel David Alley & Vera Mae Wood
Dean Audrey Alley & Faye Aliene Sharp

Children of Dean & Faye Alley:
Patricia Faye Alley & Donel Douglas Gaddie, Sr.
(Adelle Kathleen Gaddie)
(Donel Douglas Gaddie, Jr.)

Michael Dean Alley & Carol Lee Dailey
(Stephanie Michelle Alley)
(Kimberly Sue Alley)
Susan Lodgson mother of Stephanie & Kimberly

April 30, 2004