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The following two picture's are taken 1st of the Church of Ireland, Tamlacht O'Crilly, Co. Derry,and 2nd of the Patton Family Bible, June 1999 while I was visiting the old Patton home-site.
James Patton was born in the North of Ireland, County of Derry and Parish of Tamlacht, on the 13th day of February, A. D. 1756, of poor, but respectable parentage. His father was a Farmer by occupation; he died when James was fifteen years of age. For three years before his death, he was in bad health, and was not able to be of any use to himself or his family. After the death of his father, James continued to reside with his mother, and assisted her in supporting the family until he was in the twenty-eighth year of his age, during which time he learned the Weaver's trade, and worked at it for about five years: it was of great service to James afterwards, when he commenced tore-keeping, as it enabled him to judge correctly of the different kinds of common cloth.

Church of Ireland
Tamlacht O'Crilly
County Derry
Northern Ireland

The Gravestone of Thomas Patton reads:
In Loving Memory
Sarah Jane
The Beloved wife of
Thomas Patton
who died 30th April 1924
The Above
Thomas Patton
Who died 26th Nov 1953
and his second wife
Sarah Patton
who died 9th Dec 1975

Patton Family Bible
at Church of Ireland
Tamlacht O'Crilly
County Derry, Northern Ireland

"Presented to Mrs. Thomas Patton
by The Select Vestry of the Parish of Tamlaght-O-Crilly as a slight token of respect and esteem in which he is held, and for the devoted and loyal way he has carried out the duties of Church Warden for over 30 years and treasurer for very many years". Presented August 1946.
Rev. W. W. McQuaide - Rector
James - Church Warden
Robert Crockett - Treasurer
William Neely - Secretary

The Rector at the Church of Ireland-Tamlaght-O-Crilly is
Rev. M. Comber telephone #: (01266540296)

There is suppose to be a Harriet McClintock at Maghera who operates the Produce Store called Sun(something) whose mothers maiden name was Patton.

All Church of Ireland records are held at the Belfast Records Library.

Photos taken
in Ireland-1999

Cliffs of Mohr & Katie & Donnie Gaddie in Central Ireland 1999


Cliffs of Mohr-Ireland

Ciffs of Mohr-Ireland

Katie & Donnie Gaddie in Ireland

Donnie & Katie
in the Mountains
of Donaghmore

Donnie Gaddie and Peter Alley in the mountains west of
Donaghmore,Co. Leix, Republic of Ireland, June 1999


Cliffs of Mohr-Ireland

Donnie saying that way to america

Donnie pointing toward
the United States saying:
"that way to America"


Cliffs of Mohr-Ireland.

Updated February 26, 2004