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Animal Farm

We the human race of the world are all here together.
We are one people or one race.
Without religion or childhood nuture we would be united.
It is my goal in life to unit us as one people.
We all began with beautiful spirits, let us reunite in that inheritance.
It doesn't matter what your religion is.
All religion does is remind us that we as a human race are in this together.
Let all religions unmask by realizing a greater humankind is here for the making.
We have a great capacity for love.
Let us let our love for one another shine.
Do not hate.
Let your creator guide your life.
We really are just one race with many flowered colors.
P.S: If it wasn't for
big business
we would have no wars. 
Governments & Politics 
are activities
that revolve
around big business. 


May 26, 2003