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May 26, 2003

If Isaac Sharp's wife was Chief John Ross' sister, Elizabeth Ross the family tree would be as follows:

I.Ghi Goo Ie married in 1740 William Shorey:

They had a daughter named Annie Shorey & Elizabeth Shorey.

Elizabeth Shorey married John Lowrey

II.John McDonald & Annie Shorey:

They had a daughter named Mary McDonald; who married Daniel Ross.

III.Daniel Ross & Mary McDonald:

Children of Daniel Ross & Mary McDonald:

Jane "Jennie" Ross married Joseph Coody

John Ross married Elizabeth (Quatie) Brown Henley and Mary Bryan Stadler

Susanna Ross married Henry Nave

Lewis Ross married Fannie Holt

Andrew Ross married Susan Lowrey

Annie Ross married William Nave

Margaret Ross married Elijah Hicks

Maria Ross married Jonathan Mulkey

IV. Elizabeth married Isaac Sharp (1st husband?) &

John Golden Ross (2nd husband or 1st husband?)

III. Isaac Sharp Sr. & Elizabeth Ross

Children of Isaac Sharp and Elizabeth Ross are:

1. William Richard Sharp, born Abt. 1795.

2. Mary Elizabeth Sharp, born 1796. She married (1)Peter Avants. She married (2) Jesse Dollar.

3. John A. Sharp, born 1798 in South Carolina; 1850
census Yalabusha Co., Mississippi.

4. Isaac Sharp, Jr., born February 23,1805; died July.14.1881 in Perry Co., Arkansas ? these dates from bible of his son William.

5. Vincent Sharp, born Abt. 1806.

6. Thomas Sharp, born Bet. 1809 - 1810.

7. James Sharp.

8. Frances George Sharp.

IV. John Sharp & Altha
John & Altha had 13 Children.

1. Ewel Monroe Sharp, born Aug 1849 Yallabusha CO.,Mississippi (my 2nd great-grandfather; He married Florentine Victoria Brown on February 04, 1883 at Morrilton, Conway CO., ARK. He died in Arkansas in 1913.

2. Robert D. Sharp, born Abt 1831.

3. Nancy J. Sharp, born Abt 1833.

4. William Jack Sharp, born Abt 1834.

5. Thomas G. Sharp, born Abt 1834.

6. George Alexander Sharp was born February 13, 1837.

7. Eliza Sharp, born Abt 1839.

8. Powers Sharp, born Abt 1841.

9. Emeline Sharp, born Abt 1842.

10. Missariah Sharp, born Abt 1844.

11. Sara Sharp, born Abt 1847.

12. Rebecca Sharp, born Abt 1847.

13. Parthena C. Sharp, born Abt 1852.

V. Ewel Monroe Sharp & Florentine Victoria Brown

VI. Clarence Boyd Sharp & Cora Leona Tatum

VII. Ewuell William Sharp & Emmalee Anders (my Maternal Grand-Parents)

John Sharp was born abt 1798 in South Carolina; married Altha abt 1830,and died about 1864 at Independence CO., ARK.

He married (1) Nellie McKnight September 10,1820 in St. Clair CO., Alabama. She died before 1830.

He then married (2) Altha who was born in Kentucky.

We have not found Altha's maiden name or where in Kentucky she was born.

Cherokee Ross Family

by Jennie Ross Cobb (Former Curator of Murrel House,

Park Hill, Tehlequah, Oklahoma) William Shorey, interpreter for the garrison at Fort Loudoun married a Cherokee woman named Ghi-goo-ie, or "sweetheart".

Their daughter Annie Shorey was the grandmother of

John Ross. John McDonald, a Scot, married Annie then

opened a store in Loudoun, and later a supply post in the Chickamauga Creek near what in 1838 would become Chattanooga. John and Annie had Mary, who married Daniel Ross.